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Top 10 Best Football Clubs in Africa

Best football clubs in Africa

Football is the most popular sport in Africa, but what are the best football clubs in Africa right now? Below are the 10 best African football clubs. The points of the clubs are based on stats from and recent success has more influence than historic wins. 10. CS Sfaxien – Tunisia – 1523 points CS Sfaxien was founded in


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Top 10 Smallest Countries in Africa

Here is an overview of the smallest countries in Africa by size of their territory. Africa is the second largest continent and features some of the largest countries in the world. However, it also contains some of the smallest countries in the world. We start with the ‘largest’ of the small African countries and work


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Top 25 Biggest Companies in Africa

Biggest companies in Africa -

These are the top 25 biggest companies in Africa. The list shows the biggest public African companies based on their market value. This list was created by South Africa still dominates the list. But some countries like Nigeria and Morocco are quickly catching up. Find out what the largest companies in Africa are and just


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Top 10 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in Africa

Most dangerous and deadly volcanoes in Africa

Parts of Africa are highly volcanic, especially the East African Rift Zone. Ethiopia alone has 50 volcanoes that are still active. However, other countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon and DRC also have volcanoes. So how dangerous or deadly are these African volcanoes? Below is the top 10 most dangerous volcanoes in Africa! 10) Dabbahu, Ethiopia The Dabbahu Volcano



Visa Free Countries For Ghanaian Passport

Visa Free Countries For Ghanaian Passport

Ghanaian passport is one of the most respected passports in Africa; ranked 73rd on the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index. As of 2016, Ghanaian citizens had visa-free, visa on arrival or e-Visa access to 64 countries. Because of the ECOWAS agreement, citizens of Ghana can visit West African countries without visa for up to