10 Most Popular African Presidents On Facebook

Social media has been found to be a veritable tool to connect with and market to prospects, customers and fans. Facebook has specifically been a platform that some African Heads of States use to reach out to their citizens and to run campaigns. Interest in their Facebook pages is at an all-time high as fan growth rates have increased over the past few years. These African leaders have joined their western peers who have been using Facebook and Twitter to increase their popularity.

Here are the top 10 African Presidents with the highest Facebook likes as of February 2015.

10) Macky Sall – 117,388 likes

In March 2012, he won an election replacing Abdoulaye Wade, who ran for a third term in office. Formerly a close associate of Wade, He broke away in 2008 to form his own party.

He prefers reducing the presidential term from seven years to five and limiting the number of consecutive terms a president can serve to two. This helped him to win the endorsement of other candidates in the run-off against his predecessor.

Macky Sall

9) Yoweri Museveni – 164,809 Likes (Verified Account)

Uganda’s President had his claim to fame in November 2010, when his song, “You Want Another Rap?” became popular on YouTube. Seeking re-election at the time – Museveni who has been President since 1986, was purported to have made the video as a campaign tool.

His selfie also went viral with the photos posted on the President’s Facebook account attracting thousands of comments.

Yoweri Museveni

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    i beleive by now uhuru kenyatta is in no.1.he now holds a gold not a bronze.i think u should notice that.

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