African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Ogbono Soup (Draw soup) Nigeria

Because of its slimy nature, Ogbono soup or draw soup facilitates the eating of fufu recipes; this enables the lumps of fufu to glide down easily. If your children do not take a liking for okra soup due to the chunks of okra, then Ogbono soup could just be what they may like if they will try it.

Ogbono Soup

People like Ogbono soup differently. Others like it simply plain while others like it with some type of vegetable. However some will prefer their Ogbono with okra while another category of people go to fancy by adding Egusi into it.

Wat Stew (Ethiopia)

Many factors set wat apart from stews of different cultures. Maybe the most visible is an uncommon cooking technique. Its preparation starts with chopped onions slowly cooked, with no fat or oil, usually in a dry pot or skillet until plenty of its moisture is sent away. Fat is then added usually in quantities that may seem too much by modern western standards, and then the onions and some other aromatics are stir-fried before adding other ingredients. This process makes the onions to break down and congeal the stew.

Wat Stew

Traditionally, Wat is eaten with injera; spongy flat bread derived from the millet-like grain called teff. Doro Wat is one of the kinds of stews made from chicken and at times solid-boiled eggs. Ethnologist Donald Levine documents that doro wat is the most famous Ethiopian traditional food mostly eaten as part of a group that shares a communal basket and bowl of injera.

Doro wat is a very famous dish in Ethiopian United States based restaurants. The dish has been acknowledged in various popular culture sites, season 1; Episode 4 of The Mindy Project and along came Polly inclusive.

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