African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Piri piri Chicken, Mozambique

Generally known by tourists as grilled chicken piri piri, it is traditionally served with matapa, cassava leaves that are cooked in peanut sauce. Mozambique’s cuisine is a mixture of Portuguese, African, Arab and Oriental flavours. The first choice of most visitors to Maputo is the crackling, spicy seafood as well as prawns. The iconic Mozambican dish known as Galinha á Zambeziana is not to be missed. Also the juicy feast of chicken cooked with coconut milk and piri piri, garlic and lime.


Bunny Chow (South Africa)

No one is very certain how its name was derived but what is sure is that this quarter-loaf or scooped-out half white bread that is filled with extremely hot curry is one of the most cherished foods on the streets of South Africa.
Indian adventured labourers, who came to South Africa in the 19th c to work on the sugar cane farms, brought the meat and vegetable curries that are used to fill bunny chows.


The best bunnies could be found in Durban though bunnies available as takeaways are in all main cities of South Africa.

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