African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Chambo with Nsima (Malawi)

This dish brings a feeling of nostalgia to Malawians away from home. It is the most famous and well-known dish as well as the nation’s favourite dish found in Lake Malawi. It is grilled and served along the lake shore, often with chips or nsima, a hardened porridge similar to Zimbabwe’s sadza and South Africa’s pap. A plate of chombo is incomplete without ndiwo (a tasty relish made of cassava or pumpkin leaves, groundnut powder and tomatoes) Nsima as well as ndiwo are cherished staple foods along with ifisashi, a dish of greens in a peanut sauce in near-by Zambia.

Chambo with Nsima

Namibian Venison (Namibia)

Namibians will argue that the best zebra, gemsbok, kudu, springbok and ostrich could be found in game lodges and restaurants in their country though good venison could be found all across Southern Africa.
Their cuisine demonstrate powerful influences of South African and German cuisine with cured meats, sausages, Eisbein and sauerkraut which is a traditional German delicacies. It goes hand in hand with biltong, braaivleis and potjiekos which are South African style.

Namibian Venison
The best way to try your venison is with traditional staples; maize porridge known as oshifima or pearl millet known as mahangu and of course with an ample tankard or two Namibian’s fine beer.

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