African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Muamba de Galinha (Angola)

Like the famous Caldeirada de peixe (fish stew) this deals unravels the powerful influence of Portuguese cuisine on this ex-colony and is viewed as the nation’s most esteemed food.
Known as well as chicken muamba, this is a somewhat spicy stew, made with butter palm or palm oil, chilli, garlic and okra.

Muamba de Galinha

Another variety, nyembwe is Gabon’s national dish and is made with macadamia or palm nuts. Because It is so spicy and rich; the muamba chicken is a complement to central African starchy porridges esteemed bland by western palates: fufu, ugali and funge.

Cape Breyani (South Africa)

This dish is a well-loved classic of cape Malay. Breyani is a perfumed dish made of rice, lentils, marinated meat and spices garnished with crisp-fried onions as well as solid boiled eggs.

Cape Breyani

This best-loved one pot, slow-cooked meal, amazing for feeding huge crowds at important celebrations and occasions, it was brought into the Cape from the East in the oldest days of slave trade alongside other “Malay” dishes in the likes of pickled fish, bredies, bobotie and denningvleis.

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