African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Zanzibari Biryanis and Pilaus (Zanzibar)

The warm breath of the trade winds could practically be felt in one’s face as you taste these amazing celebration dishes based on exotic array of spices and rice similar with Zanzibar.

Zanzibari Biryanis and Pilaus
There are a variety of biryani that varies from an assembly of simple vegetables to very complex ones including seafood and meat; pilau have a propensity to be a one post meal lavishly spiced with cumin, cardamom and pepper.
The both dishes are delish complemented with kachumbari, a fresh tomato salad and onion famous in East Africa. Urojo is another great dish of Zanzibar. It is a yellowish soup made with a variety of ingredients that includes chilli, pieces of meat, mango, ginger, lime and tamarind.

Nyama na irio (Kenya)

If any Kenyan is asked about a best loved comfort dish, high chances are, he or she will burst out without hesitation “Irio!”.

Originally a kiyuku staple, this favourite dish has spread across Kenya. It is made up of peas, mashed potatoes, onion and beans and served with very spicy roasted meat to make a mouth-watering nyama na irio.

Nyama na irio

Popular for its long-distance runners, many Kenyans will attribute their endurance to the sukuma wiki (push for the week) in Swahili; is a health-giving effect; Implying that the dish could be used to feed an entire family for a week.
This dish, (Sukuma wiki) is made with kale cooked with onions and spices and/or collard greens to make a seasoning for maize porridge known as Ugali.

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