African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Koshari (Egypt)

Variously spelled Koushari and Koshary is the dish ordinary Egyptian families will eat at home. It is a nourishing vegetarian dish of rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas and garlic usually bought together with a spicy tomato sauce topped off with some fried onion.


It is massively famous as take-away and a rib-sticking street food. Another well-loved classic of Egyptian home cuisine is mahshi, or vegetables in the like of peppers, tomatoes, vine leaves and zucchini packed with spicy rice.

Ful Medames (Egypt)

According to Egyptian-born cookery writer Claudia Roden, the Egyptian dish known as Ful medames is pre-Islamic and pre-Ottoman and presumably as old as pharaohs. In one of her classic work “A Book of Middle Eastern Food” Roden cited an Arab that said “Beans have satisfied even the pharaohs”.


This dish is one of the national dishes in Egypt as it is still satisfying the Egyptians till date, made up of fava beans boiled gently with olive oil and spices. Because it usually takes long to cook, the dried beans is cooked overnight and then served the following morning with pita bread and eggs.

This is the right breakfast for those with a tight budget as it is filling and can sustain one through the day.

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