African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Potjiekos and Stew (South Africa)

Among fans, the constituent of a very good potjie is an issue of hot debate. This is for those who have got the entire time to dispute the benefits of their version during the many hours that it takes to cook the food.

Known as “pot food”, potjiekos is an Afrikaans terminology for food that is cooked in layers in a purely traditional three legged cast-iron pot but in reality it is a stew that does not differ from the slow-gently cooked stews of chicken, mutton and beef that are famous through the southern countries.


For those who like adventure, it would be good to try a curry that is made of a sheep’s head known as “smileys” or chicken feet stew known as “walkie-talkies” or “runaways”
Traditionally, stews are served with pap and other staples such as amadombolo, (dumplings), umngqusho (samp and beans), morogo (wild greens) and potbrood (baked bread) or ujeqe (steamed bread).

Pastilla au pigeon/b’stilla (Morocco)

Moroccan dishes such as tagines have merited their grandeur on the world’s culinary stage of recent but it is one of the dishes that you will not find in average cookbooks.

Pastilla au pigeon also known as b’stilla; a sweet and savoury as well as substantial and delicate, is a multi-faceted and complex dish. It is a pie made up of shredded cooked squab (or frequently chicken when pigeon is rare to find) condensed with egg sauce and spread with paper-thin pastry, spicy filling and layers of nutty.


No big celebration would be seen as complete if there’s no b; stilla. It is kept aside for feasts because it is very labour intensive to prepare.

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