African Cuisine

20 Popular African Dishes

Peppered Snails (Nigeria)

A common feature in Nigerian restaurants, peppered snails are also commonly served as small chops in parties. One needs to be careful of the pepper in peppered snails.

Peppered Snails
It is not difficult to prepare peppered snails. The most difficult part of cooking this goes in the cleaning of the snails, once the cleaning is sorted, the rest of the cooking becomes very easy.

Achu and Yellow Soup (Cameroon)

This is a well-cherished dish in the western region of Cameroon. Achu is eaten with different kind of soups such as green soup or yellow soup. This meal is basically a staple food in this region because of the soil’s fertility and the favourable weather that helps in growing the cocoyam used in preparing achu. In some parts of Cameroon, it is known as “fufu” and in French speaking regions, it is known as “taro”

Achu Yellow Soup

Courtesy of Immaculate Bites

Its method of cooking and the manner in which it is eaten is very traditional. In a highly traditional setting, achu is served and eaten on plantain leaves with the fingers, with people sitting on the floor. It is often served and eaten at festivals, traditional occasions, and birth as well as death celebrations. Compared to other foods, it is rare to find people eating achu on a daily basis because it is very demanding and time consuming cooking it.

Years back, it was very common to see two or more people eating achu from the same leaf, symbolising unity, but with the advent of modernisation, people neither eat achu in leaves nor in the same plate. Never the less, to preserve the spirit of unity in families and communities, when achu is on the menu, people endeavour to sit at the table at meal time together.

Though modernism has pushed people to put the leaves away but it will never make people to opt for spoons as to stop eating achu with their fingers.

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