African Countries With Highest White Population

2) Angola – White Population: 200,000 (1.2%)

The predominant white population in Angola is Portuguese; however they are a minority ethnic group, making up 1% of the country’s population. White Angolans or Angolans of European descent are Angolan people whose ancestry lies within the continent of Europe, particularly Portugal.


1) South Africa – White Population: 4,602,400 (8.7%)

South Africa is the epi-center of White Population in Africa. White South Africans are by far the largest European-descended population group in Africa. South Africa’s white population is divided into 61% Afrikaans-speakers, 36% English-speakers, and 3% who speak another language, such as Portuguese and Dutch.

The greatest concentration of white South Africans appear in Gauteng (which includes Johannesburg and Pretoria) and the Western Cape (which includes Cape Town).

South Africa

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    It is amazing to look at these populations fifty years ago. The overall populations have grown so much that the white populations have massively shrunk as a percentage of the total. It is so sad that African countries have such out of control population growth. Poverty will never end in African until these countries get population growth under control. It would be wonderful if China could help these countries implement their own “One Child” policies so Africa could develop just like China did.

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      This is the most stupidest thoughts I’ve ever read. The population growth decrease automatically when peoples get more educated and wealthy, and gain access to science and technologies, this is why western people now usually make 0 to 3 kids at max (most of them do 1 or 2 kids). This is the basics. Control of births by the communist dictatorship in China and Vietnam totally prevented them to develop until they started to relax it a little bit and to open to the world. Fortunately you are probably nobody much important so you cannot activate that kind of dumb and totalitarian politics.

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        We have a Muslim family living near us and they have 11 children. They all go to school, 2 are at university and the father owns his own engineering company. Therefore, I feel big families and overpopulation can also be cultural. Whatever needs to be done to halt the world’s population must be done. In poor Third World countries or countries with a high Roman Catholic presence have a reluctance to encourage the use of contraception. This must be stopped to end the cycle of poverty and misery. By all means add education as well but free contraception and a public campaign as to how to use them should be a priority. At the moment we are experiencing a plague of people who are destroying the planet.

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          It’s not cultural. Look at all developed nations, parents have fewer kids. People begin to see the world differently when they aren’t struggling to survive. When people have sufficient resources, the pass through of their genetic information is more certain, its no longer a numbers game. Also, people in wealthier countries have more hobbies and more things in general to look forward to beyond sex.

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      Amazing!!! You sugest Africa should implement population growth control and is it cos the white man is diminishing in Africa? Is’nt it strange that the country you cite as an example of success is actually the most populous and that actually it is economically powerful partially because of it’s size. Ditto the United States, India etc. Africa does’nt need to control its population… It needs to control the corruption of it’s leaders and the all too ready encouragement and coercion of Caucasian governments. When African leaders put the welfare of their citizens first Africa will begin to finally get the progress and respect it deserves

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      its because North Africa pretends like they are not Africa: they are honoring your wishes. DONT GET MAD
      anytime someone say subsaharan = you say “Africa is Africa”.

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    This article is obviously talking about black africa, not mghreb nor machrek. Plus, it’s talking about white peoples of european descent, not from afroasiatic and arabic descent.

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    (note that so-called “white” in north africa are not considered to be white by european and americans, but asiatic, or brown… when they are in europe, they don’t even consider themselves to be white, because that would prevent them to differentiate themselves from the european, and they could not accuse them of being racist… so it’s little hypocrit to say the black you are white and to say the white you are black)

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      LOL: THE hate being excluded but NEVER corrects the “sub-saharan”. ‘sub-Sahara Africa’ makes no sense and is a child of European mind-frame of indifference. Geographically there are 3 countries in the Sahara region listed as Sub-Saharan (huh?) Racial is also wrong: because Africa has always been Africa. I dont know if there is a “white line” of no return drawn in Africa. How was OUT OF AFRICA theory possible if they stopped at Kenya?
      Using the desert to describe Africa = Sahara (dry+ dead). is akin to European calling Africans “black” the most negative world they can muster in their primative language.
      The Arctic desert is one of the largest. Europe, America and Russia are below it: Shall WE Call Them too Sub-Artican??? even is even.
      Africa is Africa; The sub calling indicate more than just disassociation from Ancient Egyptian achievements, it mental jab at the people they fear + envy most.

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      Yoav – Study history and you will realize that many North Africans are descended from the Ostrogoth and Visigoth German tribes that overran the Roman Empire and settled in Sicily and North Africa. Also, most Arabs and Middle Eastern peoples, as well as the people of India, are members of the Indo-European Caucasian group, even though they have darker skins. The idea that all Caucasian people have pale skins is an error.

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    Listen I don’t care where you live if your skin is white your white are you people kidding me!! I met a white woman from there and she stayed at my house she was awesome she spoke Afrikaans. She was cool!!!

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