Top 10 African Cup of Nations Top Goal Scorers of All-Time

African football players have excelled tremendously well in their career both regionally and internationally. The African Cup of Nations is an event that showcases spectacular performances of various African football stars; from excellent dribbling skills to impressive goals scoring specialists.

Here are top 10 African Cup of Nations Highest Goal Scorers of all time.

=8) Mengistu Worku, Ethiopia (Goals: 10)

Mengistu Worku was an Ethiopian footballer. Recognized as the finest Ethiopian footballer in history, Mengistu Worku is one of Africa football legends. He is famously recognized for his role in the final of the 1962 African Nations Cup, and for being the head coach to take the Ethiopian national football team to the African Nations Cup in Libya in 1982. He has a record of 10 goals in the African Cup of Nations tournament.


=8) Joël Tiéhi, Ivory Coast (Goals: 10)

Joel Tiehi was a striker who played for Côte d’Ivoire national team. Born in Abidjan, He played in 4 African Cup of Nations tournaments, winning the 1992 edition. He also has a record of 10 goals in the tournament.


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