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7 Most Popular Religions in Africa

Nan Hua Temple, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa

While reading the articles on our site, you have probably noticed that there are quite a few which focus on old and beautiful churches, monasteries, and other holy buildings and sites. Africa is a continent which is steeped in spirituality; this should come as no surprise since it is regarded as the cradle of humankind.


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7 Most Astonishing Facts About the Sahara

Hiker in the Tadrart Acacus (part of the Sahara Desert) in Western Libya

If you take a look at the top part of the continent of Africa on a map, you will notice it is dominated by a vast desert known as the Sahara. This desert is the third largest in the entire world, surpassed only by Antarctica and the Arctic—both of which are cold deserts. That makes



11 Most Unusual Buildings in Africa

The Shoe

You’ve seen the most beautiful buildings in Africa, and the tallest ones, but have you seen the most unusual ones? We’ve searched high and low to find you the most bizarre and remarkable structures throughout the continent. Here are our top picks. 11. Lalibela: Ethiopia This temple complex of 11 churches has been declared a


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10 Most Extravagant Hotels in Africa

Corinthia Hotel Khartoum

There are many natural riches throughout the continent of Africa, including exquisite grasslands and mountains, white sand beaches, and an astonishing diversity of wildlife. But there is also quite a bit of wealth in Africa in the material sense, much of which is centered in the continent’s booming tourism industry. If you yourself are a


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Top 8 Biggest Cities in Africa

Cape Town is the 2nd biggest city in South Africa

Previously we’ve posted about the most beautiful cities in Africa as well as the most expensive cities. But have you ever wondered what the biggest cities in Africa are? Usually when we talk about “biggest cities,” we are talking in terms of population. Technically, measuring the size of a city is not all that cut and


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6 Biggest Parks in Africa

Lion in Kruger National Park

There is so much to see and do and explore in Africa that it can be hard to know where to begin your journey—but a good place to start if you are planning a trip is with one of the continent’s incredible national parks. In fact, Africa’s breathtaking parks take up quite a bit of space. So