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Top 25 Biggest Companies in Africa

20) Imperial Holdings – South Africa – $3.7B

Imperial is a conglomerate that has interests in a lot of different areas. Industrial logistics, car rental/leasing, retail, insurance, and many others. With sales of over $10B a year it is no surprise that they employ 51,000 people.

19) BMCE Bank- Morocco – $3.8B

The BMCE bank is the first Moroccan company in this list. It was founded in 1959 in Casablanca, Morocco where they still have their headquarters. Operating over 500 branches they have a personnel of almost 5,000.

18) Banque Centrale Populaire – Morocco – $4.1B

The BCP is another bank from Morocco. Founded in 1926 they are the second largest bank in Morocco. They employ around 12,000 people and have a customer deposit market share of 28%.

17) AngloGold Ashanti – South Africa – $5.4B

AngloGold Ashanti is a global gold mining corporation. They own gold mining operations in 17 different locations all over the world. But they are mainly active in South Africa, Ghana and Mali. In 2014 they were the 3rd largest gold miner in the world by gold produced. No recent numbers are available but in 2011 over 60,000 people worked in Africa’s largest public gold company.

largest gold mining company in africa

16) Commercial International Bank – Egypt – $5.5B

The Commercial International Bank is the only Egyptian company on this overview of largest companies in Africa. They provide a large number of different financial services in Egypt. Their headquarters are in Giza, Egypt and they employ almost 6,000 people.

biggest company in egypt

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