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Top 25 Biggest Companies in Africa

15) RMB Holdings – South Africa – $5.8B

RMB holdings is a holding company for a South African bank that is active in investment, retail and commercial banking. Roughly 22,000 people work there and in 2015 they had a net income of $500 million.

14) Shoprite Holdings – South Africa – $6.7B

Shoprite is mostly active in food retail. However, some of their supermarket stores also offer clothing, cosmetics, liquor and other merchandise. With sales of $9.29B it is to be expected that almost 133,000 people work at Shoprite or their subsidiaries.

13) Attijariwafa Bank – Morocco – $7.2B

Attijariwafa Bank is by far the biggest public bank and even company in Morocco. With a staggering 3500+ branches it is no surprise that more than 17,000 people work in this company. If you know a bigger company in Morocco let Africaranking know in the comments!

biggest company in morocco bank

12) Bidvest Group – South Africa – $8.4B

Bidvest is a conglomerate active in a large variety of sectors. From automotive, financial, freight and travel services to catering, leisure and food-processing companies. Bidvest has a stake in almost everything you can think of. The company is located in Johannesburg and employs a staggering 141,000 people!

11) Remgro – South Africa – $9.3B

Remgro Ltd. is another conglomerate that invests in almost anything. They own parts of food producers, banks, healthcare providers and infrastructure companies. They are also active in sport and media. The company was founded in 1940 and almost 22,000 people work there.

remgro limited - africaranking

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