Central Africa: The 9 Central African Countries

Central Africa is primarily inhabited by Bantu people. Many Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo Ubangian communities reside in the region. The Economic Community of Central African States and the Lake Chad Basin Commission are notable Central African supra-regional organizations. Christianity and African Traditional Religion are the predominant religions in the region. There are nine Central African countries.


Angola covers around 1,246,700 square kilometers. Population of Angola is approximately 20,609,294. The nation suffered from civil war from 1975 to 2002. Luanda is the capital of Angola and Kwanza is its currency. The nation has vast mineral and petroleum reserves. Portuguese is the official language of Angola.

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Cameroon covers approximately 475,442 square kilometers and has a population of more than 20.13 million people. Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon, and French and English are its official languages. Central African CFA franc is the currency of Cameroon. The nation is well-known for its geological and cultural diversity.

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