Top 10 Greatest African Footballers of All-Time

6) Abedi Pele

Best known as Abedi Pele is a legendary Ghanaian attacking midfielder who had his golden times in the game from 1988 and 1993 when he played for Marseille and Lille FC in the French league. In France, he won three French league titles and one Champions League trophy. Throughout his career, Abedi Pele played 479 times and scored 157 goals.

Abedi Pele

5) Jay-Jay Okocha

While the first three candidates have been increasingly more powerful as they have gone on, and built more in the mould of the traditional African footballer, there has not been a player of Okochas style before or since. He brought the flair of a Brazilian to matches and his tricks, faints and unique attempts were some of the most enjoyable moments in his early career. Surprisingly he spent most of his peak years with Bolton Wanderers, where he could easily have played at a higher level. He finished up at Hull City but at his time he was a true enigma – there hasn’t been an African player that could get near Jay-Jay Okocha in terms of skill and flair.


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