Top 10 Greatest African Footballers of All-Time

4. Roger Milla

Often called the second best striker in the world after Maradona. The Cameroon striker appeared in three World Cups, in 1982, 1990 and 1994. His performance in the 1990 World Cup 1990 helped Cameroon national team to the quarterfinal stage; becoming the first African country to reach quarterfinal. World Cup 1994, Milla made a new record as the oldest player ever to score in the history of World Cup, at the age of 42 years. Throughout his career, Milla scored 405 goals in 712 appearances.


3) Didier Drogba

The Chelsea powerhouse needs no introduction and this FIFA World Cup may be his last, but he has been one of the premier forwards of his time. Combining skill with a big game mentality and dedication to his shape, Drogba has been an absolute monster of a forward for many years.

Although he never lead the Ivory Coast to an ACON finish, he has been an integral part in the success and growth of the nation on the footballing map. Allied to his many wins for Chelsea, he is a truly iconic footballer and even if only has a few years left, they will be no doubt filled with more trophies and success.


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