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The Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

Tripoli, Libya

Capital of Africa’s 8th largest economy, and 7th richest, Tripoli is Libya’s largest commercial and manufacturing centre .This nation had the highest HDI in Africa in 2009. Like South Africa, Libya is also regarded as an upper-middle economy.

Children play in the water in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Benghazi

Durban, South Africa

Famous for being the busiest container port in South Africa and Africa. With large and diversified economy; strong manufacturing, tourism, transportation, and finance, Durban remains the third richest city in South Africa.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Former capital, richest and largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is the major city for both business and government in Tanzania.

dar es salaam

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

The capital of Equatorial Guinea. Like Luanda Malabo has seen new developments. The government decided to create a new city from scratch what is now know as Malabo II. The oil-rich nation is sprouting new skyscrapers.



Abuja, Nigeria

Nigeria’s capital, Abuja was built in the 1980s before becoming the capital in 1991. The city is one of the richest and most expensive in Africa.




Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis Tunisia

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    Pictures are lovely. I would like to visit someday. Just a wish I suppose but it seems to be breath taking. Truly inspiring. Medium accommodations for 2 . Are they very expensive?
    My email is correct

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    I think Abuja Nigeria capital is far better than what is in the Picture here,. And again, Lagos which is the most beautiful city in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa, you did not show the picture.

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    lagos and abuja are very beatiful cities.but the pictures of abuja you posted does’nt seem nice while lagos has no photo here

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    • 8

      African cities on the rise isn’t that a blessing! Africa will be one of the most beautiful places on earth in the millennium kingdom.

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    Anyone can say anything about their cities. I mean, who would not find their cities beautiful? Pictures are what they are…so misleading. So Windhoek is beautiful too.

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