Top 10 Most Beautiful Kenyan Actresses

The Kenyan movie industry has gained regional and international recognition in recent times for it has proved its mettle in Africa movie production. It also parades some of the prettiest actresses in Africa. There is no shortage of beautiful damsels when it comes to Kenya.

Here are Top 10 Most Beautiful Kenyan Actresses.

10) Mumbi Maina

She begins our countdown of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Kenyan Actresses. This impressive actress has a way of standing out and getting admiration on her own. Her derriere has always been a table talk, regionally and abroad. She is known to have featured in the movie Unseen, Unsung, Unforgotten (2008).

Mumbi Maina

9) Grace Mwelu

This Kenya beauty featured in The Text Message has got the looks to make all men crave for her. Her imperfection in acting is complimented with her delectable countenance. She deserves a mention on our list.

Grace Mwelu

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