Top 20 Most Corrupt African Countries

20. Madagascar (CPI score: 28)

Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest countries and has had a negative growth due to corruption.

=18. Cameroon (CPI score: 27)

In Cameroon, many corrupt civil servants drive around in their expensive luxury cars. People who try to bring these corrupt officers to justice pay a high price.

=18. Nigeria (CPI score: 27)

Political corruption pervades Nigeria. The rise of public administration and discovery of petroleum and natural gas have led to corrupt practices.

=16. Comoros (CPI score: 26)

Corruption remained a serious problem in Comoros, it lacks rule of law. The nation gained independence from France in 1975. Since then it has witnessed around 20 coups or coup attempts. The Comoros is one of the smallest independent nations in Africa.

=16. Uganda (CPI score: 26)

Even though the country has experienced high growth rates in recent years, corruption remains widespread at all levels.

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    Why is Liberia not there. Cause the people are suffering too much in that country from corruption. And it’s so sad that the us rate is getting hard and hard every day. Liberia should be the number one countries to be on the list

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    Liberia is the most corrupt African country. the corruption’s of Liberia had today take Liberia to poverty only because of our greedy politician.
    the politicians today in Liberia and Africa as large are considered a giant whale

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