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Top 10 Most Developed African Countries

Human Development Index (HDI) is a standard way of measuring the well-being of the people of a country. It is a comparative measure of literacy, life expectancy and standard of living. HDI is used to measure the impact of the economic policies on the quality of life of its people.

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 most developed African countries as of 2014.

10. Namibia (HDI Score: 0.608)

Namibia’s many prudent macroeconomic policies have resulted in robust economic growth. Experts project real GDP growth at 4.3 percent in 2014. The nation continues to benefit from the continued expansion of construction activities.


9. South Africa (HDI Score: 0.629)

Since the ANC-led government came to power, the United Nations Development Index of South Africa has fallen. The government is struggling to achieve monetary and fiscal discipline in order to ensure economic growth and redistribution of wealth.


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      hahhahha i visited almost all of them but still morocco was the most developed one there so i don t understand why you didn t put morocco here humph

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    Here’s an alternative, in my opinion more realistic, list:

    1 – South Africa
    2 – Morocco
    3 – Algeria
    4 – Seychelles
    5 – Tunisia
    6 – Mauritius
    7 – Namibia
    8 – Egypt
    9 – Gabon
    10 – Nigeria

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      Do you know the definition of development and the parameters used for measurement? Develoment is not just buildings, roads and infrastructure it’s more than….read the opening paragraph

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    Lul @ all the people angry at the list. The author just ranked them by their respective HDI (Human Development Index) indicators, which is a pretty good and reliable measure of the standards of living within a country. Remember, it’s taking into account the WHOLE country, so just saying “I’ve been to _____ (commercial capital) and it was nice so why isn’t that country higher up” isn’t viable because it’s not representative of the whole country. The big cities and urban areas are much more developed than the rural areas in any country, so saying that country A is more developed than country B just based on your perceptions of the countries, when those perceptions are very likely based on experience or knowledge of the big urban financial centres just doesn’t cut it. Especially when considering that in many of these countries, the rural populace is larger than the urban populace.

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    the only developed african countries I know is:south african,Nigeria,Egypt, Kenya..am surprised to hear Botswana ,Morocco

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      You joking, can you read guidelines of human development? Search for Botswana and you will understand. And read Ryan’s advice above. Its not how you feel. Its an objective way of ranking…

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    there is different between infrastructural development and economic development, a country might be developed in term of infrastructure but less developed economically, so author was not when he ranked countries using HDI, which is indicator of welfare.

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      Lol Nigeria!! I’m wandering why all Nigerians scuttered all over the world. Lesotho is better. South Africa, Egypt nd Botswana are most high developed countries in Africa

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    But, looking at Nigeria, is it a technology based as at now, so i think it may be who knows? she should be no 1

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      I am a south african living in Enugu, Nigeria. I love Nigeria, a sweet place to be compared to my high rate of violence country.

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        hello all, actual as a nigerian which is born and brought in nigeria for me my country should be count out. standard of living of citizen of the county should be watch worth.nutrition,health, enviroment ,peace and security,equality,justice,nil corruption.youth empowerment in standard form that i define as development, which i believe is not there in nigeria . present situation many family today merely get a square meal is that what is call development

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    this list is nothing without nigeria at no1 or 2 in terms of development. people that hav visit this country ll agree.
    1.south africa

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    emm. who will accept that his/her country is not developed even if it is not? am having a thinking that most important thing to consider in this ranking should be technology, but in Africa where in is technology? well maybe we should give south Africa curticle claps because their technology is still a kid while other nations’ are yet to be born.

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    People’s living standards please!!!!!! Not downtown buildings and infrastructures. Why is it still so difficult to understand simple things?

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    Kenya is one of the most recognized counties in Africa I think the analysis is not correct there must be a problem somewhere

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