The Most Popular Sports in Africa

Many sports are played across Africa. They are part of the culture of the people of the continent. Africa has produced many world-class sportspersons.

Here is more about the five most popular sports in Africa.

5) Boxing

Many world-class boxers like Dick Tiger, Gerrie Coetzee and Corrie Sanders have emerged from the continent. Gerrie Coetzee was the first boxer from the African continent ever to fight for, and win, a world heavyweight title. He held the WBA version of the championship between September 1983 and December 1984. Boxing is very popular in Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa. Various boxing tournaments are held in many countries of Africa.


4) Running

Africa has produced nearly all the world’s marathon winners. With great names like Gezahegne Abera, Haile Gebrselassie, Stephen Kiprotich and Abel Kirui. The best running events and races in Africa, including Marathon. The African Championships in Athletics is a continental athletics event organized by the Confederation of African Athletics. This sport is immensely popular in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Cameroon and other parts of East Africa.

Africa marathon runners

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