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Top 20 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

The 20 African Powers Ranked by Military Strength: Many people in the African continent are suffering due to political upheaval, fighting and oppression. Global Firepower (GFP) has ranked the African nations based on their military might.

Here are the top 20 most powerful countries in Africa, with their Power Index (PwrIndx) score as of 2015.

20) Mozambique (PwrIndx: 4.1026)

Active Personnel: 11,200

Mozambique has 96 tanks and active frontline personnel of 11,200. The defense budget is $86 million. The country covers 799,380 sq km and has a coastline of 2,470 km.

Mozambican Military

19) Somalia (PwrIndx: 3.5462)

Active Personnel: 2,000

Population of Somalia is 10,251,568. The country has 2000 active frontline personnel. There are 70 tanks, 260 armored fighting vehicles and 50 towed artillery.

Somali Army

18) Zambia (PwrIndx: 3.5013)

Active Personnel: 15,100

Zambia has 15,100 active frontline personnel. More than 3.4 million people are fit for service. Zambia has 67 aircraft and 70 tanks. The nation produces 175 bbl/day.

Zambian Military

17) Cameroon (PwrIndx: 3.3009)

Active Personnel: 14,100

Cameroon’s defense budget is $370,000,000. It covers an area of 475,440 sq km and has a coastline of 400 km. The country has 30 aircraft and its total naval strength is 60.

Cameroon Military

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    Who says Africa is poor African leaders have to realise that until they stop wasting money buying arms instead of investing in education,health, science and technology the situation will never change. Libya is an example it took a couple of month take Gaddafi out all his weapons he had at his disposal. His air crafts and the navy was made redundant. as for Nigeria am not sure they would in that position while boko haram is terrorising them on a daily basis

  3. 3

    So silly. Anyone who would believe this is either dumb or ignorant. i.e: I dont see how would Ethiopia’s $340mil budget make it more powerful than South Africa’s $3,4Bil budget. The overall arrangement is quiet silly.

    • 4

      @Sciber, dont see 34 bill budget ; its nothing related to with
      powerfulness; the only thing is how to manage the money nd how could use
      the money effectively ; most of Africa country r corrupted ; example;
      Nigeria bought 6 billion locomotion train from china but Ethiopia bought
      475 million best train not locomotion u see the difference ? my friend ,
      dont be foolish ; be smart ; money doesn’t make u strong, but ur
      skill or experienced make u strong .

    • 5

      True .
      Angola too , Ranked 9th with 6 billion budget and 13 billion expected to the next year’s ..

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    All hail Algeria And Egypt.. the other African countries are very weak we can destroy them in seconds

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