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The 50 Richest People in Africa

10) Issad Rebrab & family – Net Worth: $3.1 Billion (Algerian)

Issad Rebrab is the founder of Cevital, Algeria’s largest privately held conglomerate, which owns one of the largest sugar refineries in the world. The group also has interests in port terminals, auto distribution, mining and agriculture. He is Algeria’s richest person.

Issad Rebrab

9) Isabel dos Santos – Net Worth: $3.3 Billion (Angolan)

Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos is working to expand her stable of investments. She is the daughter of Angola’s longtime president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Isabel dos Santos

8) Nathan Kirsh – Net Worth: $3.9 billion (Swazi)

Swazi businessman, Nathan Kirsh is the founder of Jetro Holdings, a cash and carry wholesaler of perishable and non-perishable food products, household goods, equipment, supplies and related goods for grocery retailers.

Kirsch made his first fortune in Swaziland several decades ago when he founded a corn milling business in 1958. He subsequently expanded into wholesale food distribution in apartheid South Africa and commercial property development.

Nathan Kirsh

7) Mohamed Mansour – Net Worth: $4 billion (Egyptian)

Mohamed oversees the Mansour Group. He reported an increase in sales in the family’s GM car business, which had taken a dive due to the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

Mohamed Mansour

6) Mike Adenuga – Net Worth: $4 Billion (Nigerian)

The second richest man in Nigeria. Mike Adenuga made his fortune through investments in mobile telecom and oil production.

Mike Adenuga

5) Nassef Sawiris – Net Worth: $6.3 Billion (Egyptian)

Nassef Sawiris is the wealthiest man in Egypt. The 53-year-old billionaire won a tax evasion case that had pitted him against the government of former Egyptian president Morsi.

Nassef Sawiris

4) Christoffel Wiese – Net Worth: $6.3 Billion (South African)

South African self-made billionaire continues to chase deals; adding his fortune. The retailing tycoon announced plans to swap his minority stake in IT company DigiCore for a stake in ConvergeNet. Wiese owns a 15% stake in Shoprite Holdings, a chain of low-price supermarkets with a presence across multiple African countries.

Chistoffel Wiese

3) Nicky Oppenheimer – Net Worth: $6.7 Billion (South African)

The Oppenheimer family ended its 85-year reign atop diamond giant De Beers in 2012, when Nicky Oppenheimer sold his 40 percent stake to Anglo American for $5.1 billion.

Nicky Oppenheimer

2) Johann Rupert – Net worth: $7.4 Billion (South African)

Johann Rupert is a luxury goods billionaire. He is the chairman of Compagnie Financiere Richemont, a Swiss company best known for brands like Cartier and Montblanc. Rupert owns 7 percent stake in Remgro and 25 percent of Reinet. He worked for sometime at Chase Manhattan Bank. He has been a vocal opponent of fracking.

Johann Rupert

1) Aliko Dangote – Net worth: $15.7 Billion (Nigerian)

The world’s richest black man. He is heralded by some as the face of the new Nigeria. He is the wealthiest man in Africa. He built his fortune through three commodities: sugar, cement, flour and he plans to invest in oil. His net worth tumbled from $25 billion in February 2014 as a result of a weaker Nigerian currency and a drop in demand for cement.

He made his first fortune more than three decades ago when he started trading commodities with a loan from his powerful uncle. His company Dangote Cement has featured in the largest companies in Africa lists for years.

Aliko Dangote - richest people in africa

These wealthy people are highly influential and inspire many people in the continent.

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    i so wish to be on that list bt eish my business is still tht tiny to such an extend tht im a no1 target to the south african police.

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    How is the Ugandan the richest man in East Africa yet in your list there is a Tanzanian Mohammed Dewji whose worth and rank is higher in your very list?

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    we have reach people all over Africa but still we live a low standard of living.
    our children die every day like fowls orphanages are so full but no food for the needy.
    where are we really going to Africans??
    please we should all make an attempt of helping the need’s and the less previlaged.
    I am in Cameroon I have done ellot and the load is big for me alone to Carry please lets try and intersid for others and let us all grab some responsibility

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      Am not even a millionaire bt wit a tiny humble business I hv some people do survive. They will stay millionaires in earth, shame hw poor are they in front of God.

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    born to be poor isn’t a mistake, but die in pooverty is the greatest mistake. aid to poor and needy excel you.

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    I’ve just realised that there no Kenyan billionaires in the top list and yet some of them are claiming so.

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