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Top 8 Richest People in Morocco

5) Anas Sefrioui – $1.1 Billion

Anas Sefrioui, head of publicly traded homebuilder – Groupe Addoha, enjoyed cordial relationship with the Government, winning government contracts to develop low-cost housing in Morocco. However, government cutbacks have recently hurt Groupe Addoha. In 2013, net earnings dropped 11% to $189 million. The company announced in March it would buy back stock to stave the drop, but shares fell nonetheless.

In an attempt to grow his business and recover from his losses, Addoha is accelerating expansion all over Africa. In the past year alone, the company announced plans to build a cement factory and low income housing in Mali, Ghana, and Chad.

Anas Sefrioui

6) Mohamed Bensalah – $700 Million

Mohamed Bensalah is the CEO, Holmarcom Group – a family holding company founded by his late father. His mother and three sisters occupy positions within the group, which own stakes in leading Moroccan insurer – Atlanta, water bottler – Oulmes, and airline – Air Arabia Maroc.

Holmarcom boosted its stake in Atlanta in April 2014 by 30%, making the insurance company its single biggest holding with its current 70% stake worth more than 350 million dollars. Sorbonne-educated Bensalah took over the reins of Holmarcom Group upon his father’s death in 1993 at the age of 23.

Mohamed Bensalah

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