Top 10 Greatest African Boxers of All Time

Thudding jabs and powerful overhands of boxers give adrenaline rush to lovers of the sport all over the world. Africa has produced many high-quality champion boxers.

Here are the top 10 greatest African boxers of all time.

10) Welcome Ncita (South African)

Total fights: 44, Wins: 40, Wins by KO: 21, Losses: 3, Draws: 1

South African former professional boxer Welcome Ncita was called “The Hawk”. He became a professional in 1984 and won the International Boxing Federation Super Bantamweight Title in 1990. He defended the title six times.

Welcome Ncita


9) Cornelious Edwards (Ugandan)

Total fights: 53, Wins: 45, Wins by KO: 34, Losses: 7, Draws: 1

Uganda born Cornelious Boza Edwards won the WBC World Junior Lightweight Title in 1981. Out of his 45 wins, 34 were knockouts. He fought several world champions including Chacon, Alexis Argüello and Rolando Navarrete. Currently this great pugilist lives in the United States of America, where he spends time training boxers.

Cornelius Boza Edwards

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