Top 10 Greatest African Boxers of All Time

6) John Mugabi (Ugandan)

Total fights: 50, Wins: 42, Wins by KO: 39, Losses: 7 Draws: 1

Ugandan former pugilist and World junior middleweight champion John “The Beast” Mugabi won a silver medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. He turned professional on 5 December 1980 by knocking out Oemer Karadens. The Beast is arguably one of Africa’s best of all time.

John "The Beast" Mugabi


5) Vic Toweel (South African)

Total fights: 32, Wins: 28, Wins by KO: 14, Losses: 3, Draws: 1

Victor “Vic” Anthony Toweel was a former undisputed world bantamweight champion. On 31 May 1950, in his 14th fight, he won the world bantamweight championship. He was the first South African to hold a world title. He fought using nicknames like “Benoni’s Mighty Mouse” and “Dynamite.”  Vic was more successful as an amateur, losing only twice in nearly 300 fights. This great boxer retired to Australia in the 1980s and died in Sydney on 15 August 2008.

Vic Toweel


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