Top 10 Greatest African Boxers of All Time

4) Brian Mitchell (South African)

Total fights: 49, Wins: 45, Wins by KO: 21, Losses: 1, Draws: 3

Some boxing experts consider Brian Mitchell the best South African boxer of all time. Born in Johannesburg, this former professional boxer turned pro in 1981 and won the WBA Junior Lightweight Title in 1986 by defeating Alfredo Layne with a tenth round knock out. He defended the title 12 times; it is a record.

Brian Mitchell Boxer


3) Ike Quartey (Ghanaian)

Total fights: 42, Wins: 37, Wins by KO: 31, Losses: 4, Draws: 1

Isufu “Ike” Quartey has fought many world champion boxers like Vernon Forrest and Fernando Vargas. This Ghanaian boxer won the WBA welterweight title by knocking out Crisanto Espana of Venezuela in the 11th round.

Ike Quartey


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