Top 10 Most Beautiful African First Ladies

4) Hinda Deby Itno (Chad)

Often by her husband, Hinda Deby Itno is a beautiful, humble, and fashionable person. She is known for her signature style of flowing gowns and matching scarves. She is also an intellectual lady and the president claims she helps him in his affairs. Hinda’s smile and mature sense of mind makes her the most famous wife of all the president’s wives.


3) Chantal Biya (Cameroon)

Chantal Biya is a woman of fashion – she is just as much renowned for her style and hairstyles as she is for being a First Lady. She always manages to whip up something new and creative in her style, and Chanel and Dior are her favorite designers. Most of the outfits she wears are custom-made. Some people believe her fashion sense is too over the top but a vast argument always denies that. Chantal Biya is extremely social; she has met many famous personalities who cherish her style like Paris Hilton, and is a member of the African Synergy.


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  1. 1

    who ever wrote this article do not know beauty. white women really??? there was a couple of other 1st ladies that were WAY better looking.

  2. 2

    Whoever you are, You are blinded by racism!
    There are only 2 white women out of 10! There is one of mixed race, and a Morrocan!

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