Top 10 Most Beautiful African Flags

Africa has some of the most unique and colourful flags in the world depicting each country’s history and diversity.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 most beautiful national flags in Africa and their meanings.

10) Flag of Mozambique

Adopted on 1 May 1983, the Mozambican flag is based on the flag of the main political party in Mozambique, Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO). It feature an AK-47 with a bayonet attached to the barrel and a modern rifle, making it the only national flag in the world to have such feature.

Symbolism: The green colour stands for the riches of the land, the white fimbriations signify peace, blacks stands for the African continent, yellow symbolizes the country’s minerals, and red represents the struggle for independence. The rifle represent defence and vigilance, the open book symbolizes the importance of education, the hoe represents the nation’s agriculture, and the star symbolizes Marxism and internationalism.


9) Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The DRC flag was adopted on 20 February 2006. It include a sky blue flag, adorned with a yellow star in the upper left canton and cut diagonally by a red stripe with a thin yellow frame. The flag is based on the original flag used by King Leopold’s Association Internationale Africaine.

Symbolism: The sky blue represents peace, the red stands for “the blood of the nation’s martyrs, yellow for the nation’s wealth; and the star for the country‚Äôs radiant future.


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