Top 10 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses

 Who would’ve thought Tanzania would become of promising potential when it comes to movie production? Swahiliwood – the Tanzanian movie industry – has defied all odds, producing great movies that, if continued in its steady pace will be a formidable rival to all other regional movie industries in producing blockbuster movies.

Tanzania displays some of the most beautiful actresses in Africa too.

Here are Top 10 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses.

10. Mariam Ismail

We begin with Mariam Ismail who is a young beautiful Tanzanian actress with shining looks. Her acting roles have been described as excellent and original. She is a capable actress in Swahiliwood. Movies she has featured include Omega Confusion, The Return of Omega, Apple among others. She kick starts our Top 10 Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses.

Mariam Ismail Actress

9. Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

Jennifer Kyaka aka Odama is a Tanzanian actress, film writer and producer. One of Tanzania Bongo movies queen, she is as elegant as the occasion demands. She is one of the topnotch actresses in the Tanzanian movie industry playing marvelous roles in movies such as Pain Killer, Zebra, and Witchdoctor et al.

Jennifer Kyaka (Odama)

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