Top 10 Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities

6) Denrele Edun

Of course, the list is incomplete without Charley Boy’s partner in “publicity”. Denrele gleefully calls himself “were ile”- a Yoruba expression that rhythmically rhymes along with his first name to mean “the mad man of the house”. Faithful to his claims, he doesn’t cease to shock Nigerians with his derelict appearances that borders around lunacy and gayness. He calls it “branding”, however some Nigerians finds his bleached face repulsive.

Denrele Edun

5) AfroCandy

Judith Opara Mazagwu, popularly called AfroCandy is a Nigeria’ premier soft-porn actress, who always create a scene wherever she goes! Afrocandy came into public awareness, when she dropped her semi-porn movie, “Destructive Instinct”. The mother of two is notorious for always exposing her body publicly. She has also had several altercations with other celebrities. She made some headlines some time ago, when she took to her social media pages to solicit for funds for her daughter’s college fees. This was bewildering to many, as they wondered why she cannot afford her daughter’s college fees with all the money she earned from the semi-porn movies she has released.

Afro Candy

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