Top 10 Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities

4) Charly Boy

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, currently sixty two  (he was born in 1951), is certainly a candidate on our list. Think earrings, body rings, tattoos and bikes; that is Charly Boy. It is believed by many that his kind of lifestyle is occultist. With the exception of his “Big Bottom” track that was once denied airplay by some Nigerian radio stations owing to overtly sexual lyrics, his most controversial act was in 2010 when he was interviewed by E 24-7 magazine together with eccentric Channel O presenter, Denrele. The article, that was captioned “Yes, I Love Denrele” featured images that saw the duo in a variety of suggestive poses including what looked like a loving kiss.

Charly Boy

3) Dencia

This sassy lady is presumably infatuated with herself. One of the most popular Nigerian celebrities, Dencia has hit international spot light. She made waves when she introduced her $160 per bottle bleaching cream, called Whitenicious, into the market. The cream has sparked lots of controversies around Dencia. A lot of people have lambasted her for not being content with her natural skin color. She has been interviewed by various international media because of the cream. Not quite long, she had some clash with Oscar Winner, Lupita Nyoongo’o. This is due to the fact that Lupita made some chide remarks about Dencia’s Whitenicious during one of her speeches.


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