Top 10 Most Controversial Nigerian Celebrities

2) Tonto Dikeh

Better known as “Poko”, she is perhaps the queen of controversy. If she’s not throwing shades her colleagues particularly Mercy Johnson, she is stamping a brand new tattoo on her skin. Tonto persistently wants to be under the media radar. Asides being an actress, she is a singer, however a lot of people are of the opinion that Tonto should stay put in her acting career, because, she isn’t an exquisite singer. Not quite long, Tonto shocked her fans when she alleged that she wanted to commit suicide.

Tonto Dikeh

1) Maheeda

Controversial Singer and mother of one, Maheeda is best best-known for her nude appearances instead of her music. Many have not come to know that Maheeda is really married to a Dutch man. Some while back, Maheeda claimed that she had become a reborn. She additionally told a touching story concerning her past life as a prostitute. A lot of people bought the idea that she had actually turned a new leaf, but, rather unsurprisingly, Maheeda came back worse than she had been!



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