Top 10 Most Endangered Animals in Africa

2) Northern White Rhino (critically endangered since 1996)

Many wildlife experts believe that this subspecies of white rhinoceros will become extinct by the end of the next decade. Only three northern white rhinos are alive today. The northern white rhino formerly found over parts of northwestern Uganda, northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Chad, Cameroon, southern South Sudan and eastern part of Central African Republic.

Northern White Rhino

via wikipedia.org

1) Riverine Rabbit (critically endangered since 2003)

Riverine rabbit is the most endangered species in Africa. There are only 250 animals in the world today. You will find them in South Africa. Hunting, habitat loss and accidental deaths are the main threats.

Riverine Rabbit

via capenature.co.za

If these animals become extinct, it will be an irretrievable loss to the whole world and a shame on humanity. If you find any suspicious activity, which you think may harm these wonderful animals it will be wise to report to the authorities.

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