Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa

6) Namibia

Namibia is an oasis of peace and stability. This Southwest African nation has effectively confronted and overcome the challenges that cause widespread conflict and instability. Political parties of Namibia have displayed willingness to work together in the national interest despite differences.


5) Zambia

This landlocked country is a presidential representative democratic republic. It is one of the most highly urbanized nations in sub-Saharan Africa. Even though Zambia is a Christian country, a wide variety of religious traditions exist here. The nation has extensive social protection, aimed a low-capacity households.


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    Peace is more than just the absence of war or harm. True peace must be founded on respect of human rights and freedoms, democracy, good governance, equality, liberty, happiness and ability by individual person to afford the basics of life such as food, water, healthcare, clothing, shelter and education. – Mr Atubo – (lawyer, former minister and MP)

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