Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa

2) Botswana

In 2013, Positive Peace Index had ranked Botswana the best governed country in Africa. The constitution of this mid-sized nation protects its citizens and represents their rights. The nation’s competitive banking system is one of the best and most advanced in Africa.


1) Mauritius

This volcanic island nation has positioned itself as a trusted platform in terms of estate planning and wealth management. People of Mauritius are multiethnic and multicultural. Many people in Mauritius are multilingual. The Government of Mauritius is modeled on the Westminster parliamentary system. The nation is ranked highly by many experts for democracy and economic and political freedom. Elections are held once every five years.

Laws governing the nation are derived partly from British common law and French civil law. Crime rate in the country is reducing. According to The Heritage Foundation, the trials are fair and the legal system is transparent. Mauritius has excellent relations with many countries worldwide. Mauritius is one of the smallest (island) nations in Africa.


Africa is more peaceful today than it had been in decades. We will hope that peace may spread to all parts of the continent.

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    Peace is more than just the absence of war or harm. True peace must be founded on respect of human rights and freedoms, democracy, good governance, equality, liberty, happiness and ability by individual person to afford the basics of life such as food, water, healthcare, clothing, shelter and education. – Mr Atubo – (lawyer, former minister and MP)

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