African Cuisine

Top 10 Nigerian Dishes

2) Egusi Soup

This soup is widely consumed in Nigeria. Ingredients used in preparing the soup include melon seeds, red or any desired meat, sea food, fermented beans, a variety of vegetables and onions. Egusi soup can be served alongside Garri, Pounded yam and fufu.

Egusi Soup

1) Garri

This is uncontestably the king of all Nigerian dishes. Garri is a household name in almost all Nigerian homes. There is a popular joke in Nigeria that, though Garri does no advert, it sells more than food products that do adverts. It is prepared from cassava tubers that have been fermented, but the tubers must undergo peeling, washing and grating into a mash prior to being fermented. The product gotten from this is then roasted and pounded to form fine flour. Garri can be served with almost all kinds of stews and soups. It can also be eaten with beans or as a snack.


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