The 10 Oldest Universities in Africa

With its various centers of education, Africa offers many opportunities to students. Here is a brief overview about the 10 oldest universities in Africa.

10) Makerere University (1922)

Makerere University is located in Kampala, Uganda. It was first established as a technical school in 1922. It transitioned from the faculty based to the collegiate system few years back. Today it is the largest institution of higher learning in Uganda. It is composed of nine colleges and one school and enrolls around 36,000 undergraduates and 4,000 postgraduates. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the African continent.

Makerere University

9) American University in Cairo (1919)

The American University was established in the year 1919 by the American Mission in Egypt. The founders intended the university to be both a preparatory school and a university. The AUC is a nonprofit, independent, liberal arts, English language university. It offers American-style learning programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Students from more than 100 nations study here.

American University in Cairo

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    The oldest university in the world is located in Morocco in Fez , The Al Quaraouiyine mosque-religious school / college was founded by Fatima al-Fihri in 859 with an associated school, or madrasa, which subsequently became one of the leading spiritual and educational centers of the historic Muslim world. It was incorporated into Morocco’s modern state university system in 1963.

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