Top 10 Poorest Countries in Africa

2.) Zimbabwe – GDP per capita: $589.46

Not only is Zimbabwe one of the poorest countries in the world; but it has the lowest life expectancy in the world with men living until thirty-seven and women just thirty-four. This owes in part to the fact that 20.1% of the population suffer from HIV/AIDS. Whilst Zimbabwe is struggling to deal with its health issues, the government issued a one hundred trillion dollar bill in January 2009 to try and ease the economic situation.

via sdinet.org

via sdinet.org

1) Democratic Republic of Congo – GDP per capita: $394.25

Democratic Republic of Congo was known as Zaire until 1997, and became the poorest country in the world as recently as 2010. The country was ravaged by the Second Congo War which began in 1998. Over seven foreign armies were involved in the conflict over the time it took place, with 5.4 million people losing their lives including civilians. An interesting fact relating to the Democratic Republic of Congo is that it is the largest country speaking French in the world with a population of seventy-one million. That’s six million more than France.

Democratic Republic of Congo

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