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Top 10 Richest African Football Players

2) Didier Drogba – Net Worth: $70 Million

Didier Drogba’s enormous fortune is impressive, considering the Ivorian didn’t earn a big move until his 2004 transfer to Chelsea at the age of 26. Since then however the Chelsea legend has signed a number of lucrative contracts. At the height of his powers at Chelsea he was paid $170,000 a week, a figure dwarfed however by the staggering $325,000 he earned in his short spell at Shanghai Shenhua. He currently earns $5.2million a year at Galatasaray, however with a number of lucrative sponsorship deals his actual earnings a year are far more.


1) Samuel Eto’o – Net Worth: $90 Million

It’s no surprise that the man to have won a record four African Player of the Year trophies tops the list for the continent’s richest player. Eto’o was in fact once the highest paid player in the world during his spell with Anzhi Makhachkala bringing in $25millon a year. Goal.com put his net worth at $118 million (£70m), but given his extravagant lifestyle and his donations to several charity organizations we put the net worth at $90 million.


The Cameroonian striker has played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan and current club Chelsea. His goal-scoring prowess has seen him not only rewarded with mega wages but huge sponsorship deals, however the player also gives a lot of money to charity, much like Didier Drogba, and has set up the Samuel Eto’o Foundation in his home country.

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    Eto you are not riche but. u are rich man black African football and rich with black skin u know am glad. I love the way u are doing Eto and let them say they want But you are the best in the world not in Africa only the end thank u. brother just go a head with business for Africa . if u can for my country sad. But not this time. for the future.

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      In my life I have always choose ETO in the whole africa cause HE remain to be the best in my life and as a coming on footballer too HE remain to be my row model

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