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The Richest People in South Africa

8) Lauritz Dippenaar – $730 Million

Laurie Dippenaar, a financial services billionaire who built a financial empire over several decades. In 1977, he with GT Ferreira and Paul Harris cofounded Rand Consolidated Investing. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, FirstRand was formed in the 1990s; Dippenaar is non-executive chairman of FirstRand, which is an active player in the banking and insurance industries.

Lauritz Dippenaar

7) Allan Gray – $1.6 billion

Allan Gray is the founder of Cape Town-based investment management firm, Allan Gray Limited which he founded in 1973, after earning his MBA from Harvard and spending eight years at Fidelity in the US. The company manages $34 billion, making it the largest privately owned asset manager in South Africa. He also owns Orbis Investment Management in Bermuda which manages $30 billion.

Allan Gray

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