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The Richest People in South Africa

South Africa has over 11 billionaires. Patrice Motsepe is the first and only black billionaire. Here are the top 10 richest South Africans as of 2015, according to Forbes’ list of richest people in Africa.

12) Gerrit “GT” Thomas Ferreira  – $510 Million

Gerrit Thomas “GT” Ferreira is a self-made millionaire who co-founded Rand Consolidated Investing in 1977 along with Laurie Dippenaar and Paul Harris. After a series successful mergers and acquisitions, FirstRand came into existence in 1990. Today it is one of the largest financial services groups in Africa.

11) Jannie Mouton – $520 Million

Jannie Mouton is founder and CEO of PSG Group, a listed investment holding company with interests across various industries: financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education. The company also own a 28% stake in Capitec Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in South Africa, as well as a controlling stake in PSG Capital, a corporate finance and advisory services company. He also owns a stake in Curro, a chain of private schools in South Africa. His two sons serve on PSG Group’s board, with son – Piet Mouton as the CEO.

Jannie Mouton

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