Top 10 United States Aid Recipients in Africa

The U.S. give loans and grants to many African countries mostly through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an agency primarily responsible for administering foreign aid.

These are the 10 African countries receiving the highest aid from United States as of 2015.

10) Sudan – Total (FY 2012): $298 Million)

The U.S Government’s focus on Sudan is to support the eventual resolution of outstanding post-Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) issues between Sudan and South Sudan, including the status of Abyei and implementation of the September 27, 2012 cooperation agreements, while at the same time ensuring internal and regional peace and stability are actively pursued while attending to the humanitarian needs in marginalized areas.

Sudan received $298,122,752 in 2012, a decrease of 79% from 2011’s $533,918,552.

Sudan world map with a pixel diamond texture.

9) Nigeria – Total (FY 2012): $338 Million)

Africa’s most populous nation, largest African contributor to peacekeeping missions, crucial global supplier of crude oil, and the fifth-largest supplier of U.S. crude oil imports. Nigeria seemingly has it all. However, inadequate infrastructure, lack of incentives and policies to promote private sector development; and poor access to quality basic education and health services threaten progress and fuel the grievances, which amplify political unrest, in addition to ethnic and religious differences.

Also, a high poverty rate, coupled with a large population of unemployed and underemployed youths (42 percent of those between the ages of 15-24), and increased insecurity in the North, heighten the risk of escalating unrest.

Nigeria received $337,801,958 in 2012, a decrease of 36% from 2011’s $459,895,683.

Nigeria Map: List of Countries in West Africa

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