Top 20 Most Generous Countries in Africa

Many people in the African continent are warm and generous. Nowadays more and more Africans are getting involved in philanthropic activities. Are you curious to know where these wonderful people live?

Here are the top 20 most generous countries in Africa as of 2014. The ranking is based on Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index (WGI) gathered by Gallup. The index includes data from 135 countries across the world over a five-year period (2009-13).

20) Angola

WGI score: 25
Helping a stranger score: 41
Donating money score: 17
Volunteering time score: 16

Since 1961, war has destroyed many cultural institutions in Angola. Many people were forced to flee. Despite adverse situations, Angolans have retained their service mindedness.

19) Zimbabwe

WGI score: 26
Helping a stranger score: 48
Donating money score: 9
Volunteering time score: 20

Zimbabwe has many different cultures. People in this landlocked southern African country are known to help strangers.

18) Burkina Faso

WGI score: 26
Helping a stranger score: 47
Donating money score: 15
Volunteering time score: 16

Burkina Faso is a multiethnic country. There have been instances of locals helping visitors in this West African nation.

17) Tanzania

WGI score: 27
Helping a stranger score: 44
Donating money score: 23
Volunteering time score: 13

Tanzanians are proud of their disciplined upbringing. Some tourists visiting Tanzania have reported about the service-mindedness of the people of this East African country.

16) Senegal

WGI score: 28
Helping a stranger score: 57
Donating money score: 14
Volunteering time score: 13

People of Senegal are famous for their ability to help strangers gladly.

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