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Top 20 Most Indebted African Countries

14) Zambia – $5,445,000,000

Even though Zambia is one of the fastest economically reformed nations in the world, about 68 percent of Zambians live below the poverty line. Rural poverty rate is around 78 percent. The nation recorded a government debt to GDP of 34.10 percent in 2013. Its external debt in 2012 was $5.4 billion.


13) Zimbabwe – $6,975,000,000

Zimbabwe has suffered economic decline under Mugabe’s leadership. Taxes and tariffs are very high for private companies. The nation’s government debt to GDP was 49 percent in 2014. Poverty and unemployment are major issues in Zimbabwe. The 2012 external debt was $6.9 billion.

Zimbabwe world map with a pixel diamond texture.

12) Republic of the Congo – $7,644,000,000

Petroleum is the mainstay of the economy of the Republic of Congo. In the year 2010, IMF and World Bank approved $1.9 billion in debt relief for the nation. Congo’s 2012 external debt was estimated at $7.6 billion.

Congo Brazaville

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    Sooner than later, South Africa will assume the status of the likes of nations like, Venezuela and Greece whose public debt puts in total financial burden. I hope that the illiterate politicians will realize then, that they have done more harm than good to the poorest of the poorest in South Africa.

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